Voicetel Company Llimited specializes in call center designing and installing, Company Telephony Integration (CTI) for over 22 years and nowadays, companyis appointed as authorized distributor of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) softwareand world famous call center software under “3CX” trademark officially in Thailand .By far as our qualified installation projects including continuously highest sales volume, these make the company to be assigned as "Titanium Partner" level distributor in Thailand. Furthermore, the company has team of specialists and qualified officers who are skillful and experienced guaranteed by Advanced Certified level approval by product owner.    

The company is the distributor of the well-qualified selection and high efficacy hardware products which are suitable for any communication job such as Industrial Computer: IPC which has high durability and support operating continuously for 24 hours, Computer server which is well-known in quality aspects and aftersales serviceability and phone accessories, ear phone for call center and other related peripherals which are excellent in the way of quality and well-known throughout the world. The company welcomes to provide advice and design the system to be coherent to your business module characteristics in order to raise your organizational communication system capability and your customer service level efficiently. 

The company has turnkey solution policy to service our dear customer by focusing on customer care and increasing helpdesk service channels which greatly accelerate customer services, economize costs and enable system investment worthily.

With our commitment to fulfil highest customer satisfactory, we keep emphasizing and further stepping in call center development in efficient way to be caught up with unstoppable innovative technology including personnel knowledge training and performance enhancing to enable project management ability and be prompted to deliver qualified product and service to our customer and finally maintaining the best quality of customer serviceability through the years.  

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