Voicetel specializes in call center designing and installing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for over 22 years and nowadays, company is appointed as authorized distributor of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) software and world famous call center software under “3CX” trademark officially in Thailand. By far as our qualified installation projects including continuously highest sales volume, these make the company to be assigned as "Titanium Partner" level distributor in Thailand. Furthermore, the company has team of specialists and qualified officers who are skillful and experienced guaranteed by Advanced Certified level approval by product owner. Read more

  • 3CX Phone System is the software for IP-PBX for window-based telephony system which perfectly integrates all properties to be equivalent to enterprise level Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

  • 3CX Call Center System is the software program for call center which has integrated the equivalent enterprise level properties perfectly, supporting communication task from the small business to large scale enterprise.

  • VoIP Hardware and SIP Phones that are available and best for 3CX IP-PBX System and 3CX IP-Call Center System.


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